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11/25/2023: they should make the opposite of discord slow mode where it works like the bus from speed.

11/4/2023: when was the last time a select button on a controller was actually used to select something.

11/4/2023: ranked competetive wedding shoe game is that anything.

10/28/2023: do people actually like rumble in controllers. like actively enjoy it rather than just tolerate it. i have never met this person.

10/27/2023: krark-clan ironworks? uh yeah i sure hope it does.

10/25/2023: if you make a milkshake that's really thick and then give me a plastic straw that's so thin that it just crumbles in on itself the moment you try to drink it i encourage you to reevaluate where your life choices have gotten you.

10/24/2023: i'm so glad i never got into geocaching. if i did that would've consumed my life i would've gotten way too into it.

10/17/2023: big fan of the word "seaworthy." thinking about getting really into calling things "seaworthy."

10/13/2023: i saw a real ice cream truck for the first time today. like the kind that just drives around and plays music. i've lived in the middle of nowhere for my whole life so i've just never experienced this before. and i'm sure the ice cream is good but wow that song is annoying. and it's so loud!

10/12/2023: how much of the reason puerto rico isn't a state is because the government doesn't want to have to ship out new flags to every government building in the country. and change all their letterheads and graphics and stuff.

10/11/2023: i love that we call pizzas "pizza pies". that's so good we don't appreciate that enough. like yeah that shit's a pie. love it.

10/10/2023: wanted to call someone a "ninny" today but before i did i had to check to make sure it wasn't racist. that feels like a word that could've been racist at some point.

10/8/2023: can you imagine how much the character design community would suffer if the human body didn't scar. like if it was able to perfectly heal wounds. think of all the thematic significance we would lose.

10/2/2023: who is responsible for those shitty little plastic bags they make you put produce in at the grovery store. the ones that are impossible to open. i need to know whose fault this is.

9/30/2023: anyone else ever do that thing where you imagine a little man running along a wall and jumping and climbing over all the obstacles. or am i just nuts.

9/27/2023: if i'm ever in a band i'm gonna name the first album "self titled" and then name the second one actually after the band. just to confuse people.

9/21/2023: the three stooges co op beat em up: you can beat up and push around your co op partners to extend combos and like pass enemies off to each other. some rudimentary physics game elements but not so much that it makes combo execution inconsistent

9/20/2023: playing wilds of eldraine limited makes you understand why yugioh players hate ash so much.

9/14/2023: you know those big tv screens that play the news that show up in movies when they need exposition. those aren't real are they. can you imagine living in an apartment across the street from one of those. they're loud enough that anyone on the sidewalk (or more often standing on a building across from them) can hear them. that would be the worst.

9/11/2023: if rain was a fictional worldbuilding concept i'd think it was very silly.

9/9/2023: big respect to sweet baby ray's for refusing to make their packaging look like their product is sold in more than like 2 stores.

9/9/2023: stolen bases are objectively the funniest rule in any major sport. like yeah dude you can just cheat. it's cool. as long as you don't get caught you're good.

9/8/2023: does anyone remember old chapter books you'd read in like third grade where characters would have "photographic memory" where they could just remmeber every detail of everything they'd ever seen. apparently that's like a real thing. what the hell.

9/7/2023: my shopping list currently contains two items: toilet bowl cleaner and beef broth. i hope i don't mix those two up.

9/6/2023: people always talk about tony hawk being sad about aging but the song he's most associated with by way of his video games (superman by goldfinger) is also about being sad about aging. the concept of "getting old and depressed" just follows this man

9/4/2023: superhero named "burning man" who doesn't get why everyone else thinks his name is so funny.

9/4/2023: "lagoon" is such a wonderful word.

9/3/2023: we only make one size of microwave. i think we are limiting ourselves. think about the size of the bag of popcorn you could cook in a really big microwave. (don't talk to me about making it with oil in a skillet that ruins the point)

9/2/2023: pasta salad is so fucked up. we go through all the effort of cooking the pasta and then we let it cool down again. it's wrong and bad and i won't stand for it.

8/30/23: not a new observation but god twitch plays pokemon was the coolest shit.

8/29/23: do you think there's some guy out there who's really into drinking water and having it go down the wrong pipe. in like a sexual way.

8/28/23: does anyone else rmemeber react world.

8/27/23: gay people booting up streets of rage 2 and listening to the song from the first level: um i um. i don't think i can do this.

8/27/23: it genuinely warms my heart that there's a tumblr fandom for 17776. shoutouts to football.