stuff chill's made

stuff i've made

if you know me for anything it's probably the 2022be, a very silly custom powered mtg cube that i posted one card from every single day of 2022. i still see That Timy My Uncle Tony Lightning Bolted Someone in memes channels in magic discords sometimes. if you want to check it out it's got its own much more professional website here.

i also make tabletop games, most notably tamer tournament, which is an adaptation of the autobattler genre as a card game with a monster-battling theme. you can check that out (and buy it) here.

there's also marmalade gumbo, which is a party game about combining unconventional ingredients into strange and hilarious dishes. you can check that out here.

as far as other fanworks, i've made a couple other custom magic projects. the big completed expansions i've made are viridian's last mission, an urban fantasy world inspired by super villains, super spies, and building up to big plays, and song of jannada, a sequel to an old project that brings the cosmic horror of the divine to a sub-saharan african inspired fantasy world.